How We Do It

  • Business intelligence: It’s key to our success. We start by learning about our client’s culture, values, business model, initiatives and strategic goals. We approach the position holistically; having an understanding of the responsibilities, qualifications and education, and candidate’s accomplishments and attributes that will compliment our client partner’s leadership and culture.
  • Position Profile: The client-approved overview of the required and desired. It includes the position description, an overview of experience, qualifications, education and behavioral characteristics of potential candidates.

  • Research & Defined Strategy: We approach each search with a strategic, well-defined recruiting strategy. The best talent is working. We identify a target list of who they are and strategize on how to get to them.

  • Candidate Evaluation: Through phone and in-person interviews, we assess and develop a shortlist of candidates meeting our client’s position criteria. We gain and understanding from the candidates their aspirations, career goals and must-haves in their next career endeavor.

  • Candidate Presentation: We prepare and present to our client partners a candidate assessment report and matrix for review and consideration.

  • Candidate Selection: A high-level of communication with our client and candidates feedback fuels the search efforts in the right direction throughout our client’s interview process. We review the leading candidates with our client and explore how the profile of each individual is aligned with key elements of the business and position.

  • Making the Hire: It’s the last, critical step in managing the closure process. Both our client and final candidate require highly sensitive support in bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion within a short, reasonable time frame.

It doesn’t end there. We maintain strong communications with the successfully placed candidate and our client during the transition period to ensure on-boarding runs smoothly. Following a period of time agreed upon by our client, we follow up with both parties to track the impact of our work and ensure expectations are being met on both sides.